SaaS Club Launch

Launch Your SaaS & Get Your First $10K Faster

SaaS Club Launch is a pilot group coaching program for new and early stage SaaS founders. The goal of the program is to help you launch the right product for the right market and get to your first $10K in revenue as quickly as possible.

Here's what we'll cover


Build a Foundation

We'll start by forming a problem hypothesis which defines both the problem and solution you're proposing. We'll uncover and identify all assumptions that you're currently making. And we'll create your target customers' profile to help you get focused.


Find Your Customers

Next we’ll look at how to find your target customers. Once you're clear about your target customer, it's much easier to find them. We will explore different ways to find those customers. And then we'll work on an outreach plan to get those customers to talk to you.


Talk to Customers

A critical step is to interview your prospective customers. This will help you to validate your hypothesis, better understand their needs and figure out if they will buy your product. You'll learn how to run these interviews, ask good questions and know when people aren't telling you the truth. 


Create Your MVP

One of the mistakes that new founders make is spending too much building their minimum viable product. We’ll walk through how to design, develop and ship an MVP fast! And we’ll look at different ways you can build your MVP and how to find the right resources.


Create a Value Proposition

When you don't have a strong value proposition, prospects ignore you. We'll work on creating a strong value prop that maps directly to your prospect's needs and pains. We'll identify ways you can differentiate your product. And we'll develop your messaging so you can present a compelling story that attracts customers.


First (or Next) 10 Customers

Next we’ll focus on getting your first (or next) 10 customers. We’ll look at how to find those customers, how to have meaningful conversations (not sales pitches) with those people and how to make sales without ‘selling’. We’ll also look at what to do if they don’t buy.



Once you’ve got at least 10 customer and clarified your marketing, you're ready to develop your MVP into a ‘real’ product. We’ll look at how to design your product, how to prioritize your features, how to find great developers and how to build the right product.


Business Model & Pricing

Next we’ll focus on your business model and pricing. We’ll identify the right business model for your business and market. And we’ll create a pricing strategy/model for launch and how to evolve that as your business grows.



As you build your product, it’s important to also work on your marketing. We’ll map out how customers will acquire your product, how to attract and capture leads and how to qualify leads that are right for your business.



Then we’ll develop your sales funnel. We’ll look at the each stage of the buyer’s journey and how to map that to a sales funnel that works for your business. And we'll then turn that into a repeatable plan you can execute to get to your first $10K of revenue.

Here's how it will work

This is a 12-week programHere's how it will work every week:

You'll receive one 30 - 45 minute video lesson with an implementation plan & worksheets.

We'll get together as a group (live phone sessions) to answer questions, brainstorm, problem solve etc.

We'll use a private Slack group to communicate so you can get help, ask questions or share thoughts.

The goal of SaaS Club Launch is to give you everything you need to take action and get faster results with your SaaS business.

What you will get

  • A 12-week group coaching program designed to help you get your first $10K in revenue as quickly as possible.
  • 10 implementation lessons delivered by video every week with lesson plans and worksheets.
  • Access to live phone-in sessions with Omer and access to the recordings of all sessions.
  • Access to our private Slack group so you can get the help you need in between our weekly calls.
  • Free access to updates of implementation lessons for life i.e. as the videos, lesson plans and worksheets get updated, you will continue to receive those updates at no additional cost.

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My guarantee

I want to make this a complete no-brainer for you with zero risk.

So here's my guarantee...

Do the program, implement it and if you don't love it, let me know at the end of the 90 days and I'll give you a 100% refund.

That's right -- this isn't one of those '30-day guarantees' where you get part of the program. I'll give you access to everything for the full 90 days and will commit 100% to helping you succeed.

Important: how fast you get to your first $10K revenue might take you 90 days or it might take you a year. It all depends on where you are right now and how much work you put it to implement what you learn. There's no rush. Getting to your first $10K is not the endgame, it's a milestone to a much bigger goal.

This program will give you everything you need to succeed.

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