Is there an expedited program where we can start at a different step?

Short answer YES. Long answer is below...

PREFERRED APPROACH: The program is designed to work like this:

1) You go through one training module  every week (in order) and do the homework. This way every module will build on the previous one to give you a solid foundation.

2) You use the group coaching calls or online discussion channels to clarify the training, ask questions, or get help with a problem. Your question/topic can be about anything - not just that week's training.

ALTERNATIVE APPROACH: BUT some folks have asked for an expedited approach. So you have the option to do this instead:

1) Each week, you pick the module most relevant to you and complete the homework for that module. You do NOT have to complete the training in the recommended order. 

2) You use the group coaching calls or online discussion channels to clarify the training, ask questions, or get help with a problem. Your question/topic can be about anything - not the module you completed.

The ALTERNATIVE APPROACH is only recommended if you have already made significant progress with launching your SaaS business and are confident that you don't need to go through the training in order.

Will we receive action items/homework to do throughout the program?

Over 10 weeks, you'll receive weekly video training and will be provided with worksheets or homework assignments. Each week's lesson is designed to help you nail the fundamentals and build a solid foundation for your business. 

The weekly video training will take you through: 1. Build a Foundation, 2. Find Your Customers, 3. Talk to Customers, 4. Build Your MVP, 5. Create a Value Proposition, 6. Set Your Pricing, 7. Build Your Product, 8. First (or Next) 10 Customers, 9. Setup Your Funnel, and 10. Fill Your Funnel.

How much time do we have to set aside each week?

You will need around 2 hours a week to watch the video training and attend the live group coaching sessions. Beyond that it's really up to you and how much time you can commit to your SaaS business. If you're working on it full time then you'll make faster progress. If you have a full-time job, you may only be able to spend a few extra hours a week. Either way is fine because it's right for you. And building your business is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Do You Have Social Proof About Previous Launch Participants?

Kenton is a Launch 'Alumni' - when he joined he didn't have a product, didn't know how to code and was on the verge of giving up. Today, he's launched his product, has paying customers and is planning to quit his job soon to work full-time on his SaaS business.

Aazar was one of the very early people to join SaaS Club. 

How long will it take me to get to $10K?

That's like asking "How long will it take for me to catch a big fish?" 🙂 The short answer is that it depends. It depends on what stage you're currently at, whether you've identified the right problem, solution, and market, and how much work you put into implementing what's required. Some people will be able to make progress really fast. Others may realize they're focusing on the wrong problem, solution or market and have to go back to the drawing board. But hitting $10K is not the end goal here -- it's building the right foundation so you can go well beyond $10K.

Can my co-founder join the coaching calls?

Yes, you can have one co-founder join you on the group coaching calls and online discussions, as long as they are working on the same business as you.