80/20 Workshop

Seed Fundraising

Everything you need to know to raise your first seed round

In this workshop, you'll learn the fundamentals of seed funding, how to craft your pitch, how to find investors and how to negotiate/close your seed funding round.

Workshop Lessons
  • Lesson 01: What is Seed Funding? (3:36)
  • Lesson 02: Why Raise Seed Funding? (10:26)
  • Lesson 03: Sources of Seed Funding (7:54)
  • Lesson 04: Your Funding Structure (5:06)
  • Lesson 05: Crafting Your Pitch (9:53)
  • Lesson 06: Finding Investors (11:17)
  • Lesson 07: Negotiating and Closing (8:19)
  • Lesson 08: Q&A Session

Our 80/20 Workshops are designed to give you 20% of the essential and actionable information you need to get 80% of the results quickly. 

Gerard Braud

"I had questions about fundraising that no one would answer. In this workshop, I got more straightforward and helpful answers in one hour than I've been able to find from other sources in over a year."

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